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The Full Story


I'm Bianca Prins, Global Head of Accessibility at ING Bank in The Netherlands. Next to my work with the bank, I'm an active member of the international disability community. My personal business website: CV Works, provides you access to my reserach publications and short background introduction into my work experience.

Bianca Prins at the waterside


I took up the challenge to research disability inclusion, originally as part of my studies. Currently in pursuit of further development of the field of disability inclusion in business. 

Previous publications are in Dutch, concerning disability employment. You can find the complete overview of my papers on the onderzoek page



I have been working in accessibility since 2017, as first Global Head of Accessibility at ING Bank. This was the first opportunity to work on accessibility in a professional role in a Dutch business. 

Previous roles

  • ESR Advisor at ING Bank (2015-2017)

  • Researcher at CV Works (2015-present day

  • Disability incluion advisor at CV Works (2009-2015)

  • RI&E Manager Flora Holland (2012)

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